Gestalt Therapy in the Pays de Gex


Gestalt is a highly positive and practical integrative therapeutic approach. Gestalt practitioners help people to focus on their immediate thoughts, feelings and behaviour and to better understand the way they relate to others. This increased awareness can help people to find a new perspective, see the bigger picture and start to effect changes. 

Gestalt is a German word. The closest translation is ‘whole’, ‘pattern’ or ‘form’. It has the sense that meaning cannot be found from breaking things down into parts but rather from appreciation of the whole. In other words, Gestalt is a holistic process. It regards the individual as a totality of mind, body, emotions and spirit who experiences reality in a way unique to themselves.

In practice, Gestalt practitioners work with clients to help them focus on self-awareness: on what is happening from one moment to the next or, as we often say, in the Here and Now. Increased awareness and understanding of the present, of one’s immediate thoughts, feelings and behaviour, and of patterns of relating can bring about powerful change and new perspectives.

For practitioners, Gestalt’s focus on the present moment, and on immediate thoughts and feelings, make it a very lively, spontaneous and creative approach. For clients, the greater holistic awareness and increased insight into how we think, feel and act is very liberating. It builds self-confidence, frees people to address issues and helps them to live life to its fullest potential.

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Who do I work with?

Adults / Children / Adolescents / Mothers-Parents-Babies

How much do therapy sessions cost?

Adults: 60 minutes / 70.- euros per session

Children/adolescents: 70.- euros per session

Mothers/parents/babies: 60 to 90 minutes, / 70.- euros per session (80.- euros if home visit)

Where do I practice & how to contact me?

I have a private pratice in the Pays de Gex in Saint-Genis-Pouilly in the shared medical facilities of the Maison Médicale Pluridisciplinaire of Saint-Genis Pouilly, close to the Swiss border.

You can reach me at + 33 (0) 6 01 14 22 72. Click on below for more contact information:

Who am I in a nutshell? 

Perfectly bi-lingual in English and French, and with a diploma from the Parisian School of Gestalt Therapy - recognized by the European Association of Psychotherapy, I have been practicing Gestalt Therapy in the Pays de Gex since 2018. I have a strong background in international public health/nutrition and have been working for more than 20 years in the humanitarian and development field with various NGOs and civil society organizations including Doctors Without Borders MSF Holland, the Foundation Terre des hommes, IBFAN-GIFA and more recently the World Health Organization. 

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